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Hardwood floor refinishing


What to know about hardwood floor refinishing

Are you wondering whether you need a hardwood floor refinishing service? If so, there are some things we're sure you'll want to know, and we'd like to share those facts with you today. Read along to find out more about this service that can bring old, weary wood floors back to life.

Hardwood refinishing brings old floors to life

Most floor coverings can last about 20 years on average, even with the best care and maintenance. However, hardwood refinishing allows you to see an average lifespan of 100 years or more with solid wood and about 30 with engineered hardwood. It's one of the essential services for these materials, and you'll want to know more about it.

The first step in the refinishing process is a thorough sanding, which we will explain in detail before beginning the process. Depending on the size of the area to be sanded, it may be necessary to cover vents, and air returns to contain the dust. Once the sanding is finished, the floor is cleaned, and the actual refinishing can begin.

Refinishing requires applying several coats of sealant and stain, so there may be multiple applications and drying times involved in your refinishing process. During this time, you will not be able to walk on your floors, and we recommend that you keep pets and children out of the area as well. After the entire process is finished, it may still take up to two weeks before the floors are cured enough to reintroduce rugs and furniture, and we can let you know what to expect once we finish your service.



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We offer professional hardwood refinishing

At Quality Floors, we offer outstanding flooring and services, including refinishing all your wood flooring options. Our friendly, experienced associates are always standing by to help you find everything you need for the best flooring experience. As a family-owned business, we've been doing this since 1991 and look forward to serving your needs when you visit us.

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